Literary Festival

Literary festivals are usually annually held literary events in a particular city that are organized in celebration of literature. These events attract a large numbers of writers and readers all around the world who share similar interests and ideas in literature.
Literary festivals also serve as an avenue to connect with fellow writers and readers, with some added advantage in meeting potential publishers and writers who might help one brush up one’s writing skills, as well as, learn from veterans who have more experience in the writing career.
Most of these events features storytelling, several presentations and readings by authors, promotion of books among many interesting and fun activities.

The Importance Of Literary Festivals

Literary festivals generally, serve a variety of functions. Their importance however, depends on the festival and the goals they hope to achieve.
As stated earlier, it foster more connection between writers, readers and publishers, thereby serving as a bridge for more relationship. It also helps in the promotion of books.
In addition, it offer space for public debate and deliberations.

Which is the largest literary festival in the world?

The Jaipur Literature Festival, or JLF, is considered the largest annual literary festival. The event is held in India city of Jaipur each January. It was founded in 2006.

List Of Best Literary Festivals In The World 2022

  1. Berlin International Literature Festival
  2. Brooklyn Book Festival
  3. Texas Book Festival
  4. Buenos Aires Book Festival
  5. NGC Bocas Lit Fest
  6. Gaborone Book Festival 2022: The Gaborone Book Festival 2022 is a Botswana’s leading literary festival. The event runs from September 15-17, 2022.
  7. Cheltenham Literature Festival
  8. Sydney Writer’s Festival
  9. Tennessee Williams Literary Festival
  10. Plum Creek Literary Festival
  11. Brattleboro Literary Festival
  12. Bethesda Literary Festival
  13. Pat Convoy Literary Festival
  14. Paper Plain Literary Festival
  15. Milton Literary Festival
  16. Charleston Literary Festival
  17. Odu Literary Festival
  18. Rose Glen Literary Festival
  19. Montclair Literary Festival
  20. Deckle Edge Literary Festival
  21. Clemson Literary Festival
  22. The Edinburgh International Book Festival
  23. Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
  24. Kakamega Book Festival: The Kakamega Book Festival is organized by The Kakamega Book Club. Its inaugural event was held on May 21, 2022.
  25. Asmara-Addis Literary Festival (In Exile) 2022: This year’s Asmara-Addis Literary Festival (In Exile) will be hosted in Brussels, Belgium from May 29-31, 2022.
  26. Moto Books and Arts Festival
  27. Norwegian Festival of Literature
  28. Gothenburg (Gotëburg) Book Fair
  29. North Cornwall Book Festival
  30. Macondo Literary Festival 2022 : The Macondo Literary Festival 2022 will run at the Kenya National Theatre, Nairobi from September 30 – October 2, 2022.
  31. Hargeysa International Book Fair :The Hargeysa International Book Fair 2022 is a literary festival held in Somalia. The next literary event will be held in July, making it its 15th year since its inauguration.
  32. DESIblitz Literature Festival
  33. Wordstock – Portland Book Festival
  34. Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival
  35. Queen’s Park Book Festival
  36. Ubud Writer’s and Reader’s Festival
  37. Ibom Art and Book Festival: The Ibom Art and Book Festival is organised by the Inspire Community Network. This year’s event will be hosted in Uyo, Nigeria from July.
  38. Doek Literary Festival 2022
  39. Swahili Literary Festival 2022
  40. Raworths Harrogate Literature Festival
  41. Cliveden Literary Festival
  42. Essex Book Festival
  43. ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival
  44. London Literature Festival
  45. Henley Literary Festival
  46. PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature
  47. Conrad Festival
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