We are delighted to announce that the Ibom International Arts and Book Festival will return for its second edition from 14th to 17th December 2023. This year’s edition focuses on the theme of  Homeward Reflections and will address how writers and visual artists engage with the ever-changing realities of the spaces that they call home. We will consider the complexities of “home” as a geographical, metaphysical, political, and ecological concept. 

Several visual artists, writers and thinkers will be invited from across the world to discuss the aesthetic responses that result from our shifting perceptions of the subject. Together, we will answer questions about what it means to create (literary/art) works that resemble home, and if, as we move across different locations or contexts, home ever truly leaves us. 

Further details on the program including tickets and guest list will be released soon. Interested guests, performers and collaborators can reach us via ibomartfestival@gmail.com

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