This year, the Ibom International Art and Book Festival (IIABF) is creating space, concretely and symbolically, for contemplations about home. This edition which is themed “Homeward Reflections” allows for an interrogation of the assumptions that riddle the idea of home—as a private space, a communal sphere, a national landscape, and a nostalgic fantasy.

It is within this context that we announce the Ibom Writers’ Workshop which is now receiving applications until November 22nd, 2023. The goal of the workshop is to leave the participants better equipped to reimagine the frameworks of their lived experiences and the conditions of the familiar through fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

The virtual workshop opportunity is open to all African writers, regardless of gender, ethnicity, previous publications, or genre. We are especially looking out for writers from Africa who desire to develop their craft but are without the means to acquire mentorship or any kind of nurturing relationship with better-established peers.  

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