About Us

About Us

Ibom International Arts and Book Festival

About Us

Welcome to Ibom International Arts and Book Festival, a cross-cultural celebration of creativity and diversity. Our festival is dedicated to fostering creative collaboration including amplifying the voices of underrepresented marginalized African and Western writers and visual artists.

Our Vision

At Ibom International Arts and Book Festival, we envision a world where storytelling and art transcend borders, celebrating individual and collective experiences while bridging the gaps between diverse cultures. We strive to make minority stories and artistic expressions visible, appreciated, and celebrated, breaking barriers that have historically hindered their recognition in mainstream literary and visual art platforms.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an inclusive and nurturing space for literary and visual artists, providing opportunities for professional growth and intercultural exchange. Through our program activities and events, we empower early to mid-career writers and visual artists, fostering a progressive community of creatives who challenge norms, explore history, and preserve cultural values.

Our Impact

By empowering creative minds from marginalized backgrounds, we contribute to a more equitable and inclusive literary and art culture, sparking vital conversations and broadening the global understanding of diverse perspectives.

Program Activities

Our festival offers an exciting array of activities, including book panel sessions, book chats, readings, arts and writing workshops, open mic evenings, curated visual arts exhibitions, performing arts and cultural shows, artists talks, documentary screenings, and public engagements with new productions.

Join us on this enriching journey as we celebrate the creative spirit, uplift marginalized voices, and build bridges of understanding between continents through art and literature, planting the seeds of a brighter and more inclusive artistic future.